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King Kooker® Deep Fried Turkey


  • 1 Turkey (size to fit your pot)
  • 1 King Kooker® Aluminum Pot & Basket or Lifting Rack
  • 1 Deep fry thermometer
  • King Kooker® Cajun Seasoning
  • King Kooker® Injectable Marinade
  • Marinade injector
  • Peanut Oil (enough to cover turkey)

The turkey should be thawed, clean and dry—inside and out. Inject the turkey with King Kooker® Injectable Marinade as per the instructions on the bottle. Cover the carcass inside and out with King Kooker® Cajun Seasoning. Pour peanut oil into pot and make sure there is enough oil to cover the turkey, but not enough to overflow when the bird is immersed. Light your King Kooker® cooker and heat the oil to 350°F. When the oil is hot enough, place the turkey into the basket, or on the rack, and slowly lower into the hot oil. Be careful not to splash the hot oil.

Fry for about 3-1/2 minutes per pound of the turkey. When the calculated time has passed, check the thigh joint. If it appears to be well cooked, the turkey is ready.

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