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YUM!!! King Kooker® Fried Crawfish Tails!

Fried Crawfish Tails from that Awesome Boil you just had using King Kooker® Products! You have to make these!

Season Crawfish Tails with King Kooker® Seasoned Fish Fry using the King Kooker® Model #1113BK Batter Box
Check out our King Kooker® Batter Box with Sifter here:

Check out the video here:
and here:

Boiling and cooking products from King Kooker® make it easy for you to get outside and GET YOUR BOIL ON!

From Boiling Cookers, Cookware, Pots, Accessories, Seafood Tables, and Serving Boats, King Kooker® has EVERYTHING YOU NEED to ENJOY CRAWFISH SEASON.

Easy Delicious Meal Options for Crawfish from Your Family Boil and King Kooker®!

For more information on King Kooker® and our products, VISIT US AT or CALL 504-736-0201 or 800-783-3885 M-F 7:30-3:00 CST.

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