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“Eat Your Vegetables!”

Mom is always right…. “Eat Your Vegetables!”

And King Kooker® helps you get perfectly steamed Vegetables!!

King Kooker® Nested Stainless Steel Pot is the secret!

King Kooker® Nested Stainless Steel Pot Set. Great for Steaming and Boiling! Excellent for cooking seafood, tamales, and vegetables ….. Thanks MOM!

Our nested set includes: 32 qt. / 44 qt. / 52 qt. pots with lids and steamer plates.

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With King Kooker® you will be “COOKING LIKE A KING and MOM!”

For more information on King Kooker® and our cooking products CALL US TODAY at 504-736-0201 or 800-783-3885. M-F 7:30-3:00 CST.

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