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Don’t you want to BOIL SEAFOOD …. LIKE A KING?

Don’t you want to BOIL SEAFOOD …. LIKE A KING?

With King Kooker® YOU CAN!

King Kooker® has a large assortment of easy to follow recipes to have you cooking like a south Louisiana Chef!

Check out our BOILED SEAFOOD RECIPE below…

Boiled Seafood Recipe

For a 60 to 100 quart pot, fill ½ full of water. Add 4 to 6, 16 ounce containers of King Kooker® Crab Boil. Bring water to a rolling boil. Add seafood.
Bring water back to a rolling boil and then boil seafood for 5 minutes. For shrimp whenever the shells start to blister turn off the cooker immediately.

Then cut off the fire. Gently stir the seafood and let it soak. Add one to two 8 ounce bottles of King Kooker® Crab Boil (depending on desired spice preference). Also, squeeze lemon juice into water to add more flavor.

Soaking time:

Shrimp – 20 minutes

Crawfish – 25-30 minutes

Crab – 15 – 20 minutes

Gently press seafood down with King Kooker® Paddles or Skimmers to help seafood draw in the great flavor of “King Kooker® Seasoning.”

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